Quality policy

This Policy establishes the framework that must be developed all the activities of the company so as to ensure customers and other stakeholders the commitment of SUGREMÍN through its management system.

In SUGREMIN Quality is essential for the company competitiveness and hence for survival in a highly competitive market as the metal elements manufactures sector.

This policy provides the framework in which the SUGREMIN Management System is developed to fulfill the commitments of improving internal management and customer satisfaction, allowing us to improve our position in the market on an ongoing basis.

The principles that should govern the actions are:

Quality means to cover the needs and expectations of ours customers, in the external and internally environment of the company. Everybody in Sugremin act as supplier and customers from each other, so we must meet the needs and expectations of our customers and be cared for in the same way. Sugremin is an organization that is below the expectations of customers, providing this as a differentiator from the competition, the commitment to cover all the needs of our customers is the basis of their confidence in Sugremin.

You need to continually review internal processes in order to improve them, avoiding the inefficiencies and facilitating to the Sugremin employes to be focus on their activities. Moreover, the continuous improvement of management involves prevention and analysis of the root causes of encountered problems, not limited only to the detection thereof.

Communication should be a strong point in the business, fostering a pleasant working environment, that facilitates the flow of information to the rest of the company.

Training, awareness and participation of all employees is very important, both in achieving the expected objectives and goals as improving management. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations must ensure that activities are carried out thus ensuring a commitment to customers, archiving their needs.

The proper execution of the work will be carried out using methods as part of common reference for quality management. In addition it is essential to learn from past performance so it is necessary to keep records with historical data and the ability to analyze and draw conclusions through Big Data tools.

On the basis of this Policy and annually, the Management Board adopted the objectives and targets for the organization, so that the lines of improved organization established for that period.

All people who work in SUGREMIN must act according to these premises, that will make our company is recognized for the high quality and excellence of the products and services it supplies.


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